Gilda Rota, Susanne Søes, Gemma Fonrodona, Àngels Alegre, Virginia Ferrer, Nicoletta Naldie, et al.



In the last years Career Services have been gaining in importance among European universities, aiming at creating stronger and more effective relations with the labour market.

Given the increase of these services, the ECG Employabili class='ajax-DMBI-000228-34' class='ajax-DMBI-34'ty and Career Guidance of the Coimbra Group was founded in 2003. The ECG functions within the framework of the Coimbra Group as a task force focused on emphasising the relationship between higher education and the labour market.

The idea of a publication of a book for Career Services was born out of two main aims:

  1. To collect and emphasise skills, competences and experiences gathered working with our colleagues over the past years;
  2. To provide useful guidelines to the member universities of Coimbra Group interested in setting up a Careers Service Office or improving the network between their own offices and companies or improving their activities.

We would like to point out that this publication does not pretend to be exhaustive. It just represents a first collection of experiences and best practices, a snapshot of the present situation in Career Guidance Offices participating in the task force.


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