Youth on the move. Analytical report

Youth on the move. Analytical report

The Gallup Organization



The primary objective of the Flash Eurobarometer survey “Youth on the Move” (No 319a) was to study young EU citizens’ participation in society. In detail, the survey examined young people’s participation in:

· sports clubs, youth organisations, cultural organisations and non-governmental organisations

· political elections at the local, regional, national or EU level

· voluntary activities; particularly those aimed at changing respondents’ local community/environment

· activities and projects fostering cooperation between young people from various countries.

The survey obtained interviews – fixed-line, mobile phone – with nationally representative samples of young people (aged between 15 and 30) living in the 27 EU Member States. The target sample size in all countries was 1,000 interviews; in total, 27,029 interviews were conducted by Gallup’s network of fieldwork organisations from 31 January to 4 February 2011. Statistical results were weighted to correct for known demographic discrepancies.


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